January 12, 2019 II Aeon Ritual
Work in progress at MASS MoCA

Featuring new work by musician-composers Hanna Benn, William Brittelle, Ian Chang, Topu Lyo, Seth Olinsky, Darian Thomas, Emily Wells and Daniel Wohl

Developed by Infinite Palette with art director Andrea Hyde and curator-producer Kate Nordstrum 

Aeon: 1) life force, 2) an immeasurable amount of time, 3) an epoch
a ceremony of recentering and awareness

Infinite Palette's Aeon Ritual is a highly collaborative musical event featuring a fascinating collective of genre-fluid multi-instrumentalists, vocalists, composers, visual artists and curator-producers. The work is designed to occupy the void between a traditional concert experience of composed music and traditional religious/ceremonial rites. The ecstatic, immersive and flexible nature of Aeon Ritual, presented as a work-in-progress at MASS MoCA, speaks to the beauty and mystery of our life force and the transcendent joy of being unplugged and truly present.


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February 16, 2018 || Spiritual America
World premiere at Symphony Space

Music and concept by William Brittelle
Wye Oak and Metropolis Ensemble

William Brittelle's Spiritual America is a series of electro-acoustic orchestral art songs exploring issues of secular spirituality in American culture through the personal lens of love, loss, youth and longing. Created in collaboration with the rock duo Wye Oak, the full cycle of songs receives its world premiere in NYC February 16 on a program that also includes original music by Wye Oak, arranged for the duo and Metropolis Ensemble by William Brittelle. 


photo by Graham Tolbert

photo by Graham Tolbert

February 17, 2018 || Music for the Long Emergency
NYC premiere at Symphony Space

Music and concept by Poliça &  s t a r g a z e (NYC debut)
Commissioned by The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra's
Liquid Music Series
New music by Daniel Wohl for the collective, commissioned by Symphony Space and
Music for Pieces of Wood by Steve Reich, arr. Andre de Ridder
Produced by Infinite Palette


“The sound of heartbreak and celebration simultaneously" – Rolling Stone on the music of Poliça

“Orchestral support can often feel self-indulgent and egotistical with the orchestra only there to serve the band. But here it feels entirely equal; two like-minded musical entities fluidly playing and communicating with each other.” – Huffington Post on the work and philosophy of s t a r g a z e
“Aggressive and gorgeous… erases the line between electronic and acoustic music.” – National Public Radio on the music of Daniel Wohl

May 20, 2017 || WITHOUT CHASMS
at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art / MediaLive 

Music and concept by William Brittelle and Daniel Wohl
Produced by Kate Nordstrum

A custom-curated set of electro-acoustic music and paired GIF installation series developed for the Boulder Museum Of Contemporary Art's MediaLive Festival. The project was created in dialogue with the festival's theme of "The Void", targeting the increasingly fluid border between the digital and physical realms. Featuring new music by William Brittelle and Daniel Wohl with visuals by Josh Studham (S/CK F/SH). With special guests Lina Bahn (violin) and Joseph Howe (cello).

March 2017 || Infinite Palette residency
at Palm Springs Art Museum

Music by William Brittelle, Missy Mazzoli and Daniel Wohl  
Produced by Kate Nordstrum
Developed in partnership with Palm Springs Art Museum and Desert X

The Infinite Palette residency at Palm Springs Art Museum during the inaugural Desert X featured a fluid, integrated set of music exploring diverse notions of transcendence against the backdrop of the California desert. Focusing on the intersection of experimentalism, meditation, land art and sacred music, the project moved beyond genre constrictions into a world of unique and highly personal musical visions reflective of our complex age. The multi-platform presentation included commissioned video installations created in collaboration with Safety Third Productions and sight-specific auxiliary events.